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Subject: Basic Numeracy

Topic: Order of Magnitude

1. Government gave wires to his four employees Narendra Harish, Mohan and Suresh as 2200 m, 290 m, 450 m, 300 m. These wires are to be set on the boundries of four different ponds. If

(i) the pond made by Narendra is of circle shape of radius 25m.
(ii) the pond made by Harish is rectangular with length and width 67 m and 63 m respectively.
(iii) the pond made by Mohan is of square shape with side 90 m.
(iv) the pond made by Suresh is triangular with sides 70 m, 77m and 191 m.

Then who has the shortage of wire?

(a) Narendra

(b) Harish

(c) Mohan

(d) Suresh

2. Ramesh is to get his home painted within 2 days. He has four men to do this work.

(i) First man paints 10 sq m in one hour but work only 8 h in a day.(d) 9
(ii) Second man paints 5 sq m in one hour but work only 12 h in a day.
(iii) Third man paints 20 sq m in one hour but work only 4 h in a day.
(iv) Fourth man paints 15 sq m in one hour but work only 6 h in a day.

If 175 sq m area is to be painted, then which men will complete the work alone in time ?

(a) First

(b) Second

(c) Third

(d) Fourth

3. In the women cricket team of 11 players, each of four players Mithali Raj, Anjum, Jhulan and Sharda are replaced by a new player of 28 yr, then the following respective changes occur.

(i) Average age of team decreases by 0.5 yr
(ii) Average age of team decreases by 1 yr
(iii) Average age of team increases by 0.5 yr
(iv) Average age of team decreases by 0.75 yr

Which of the following players has maximum age?

(a) Mithali Raj

(b) Anjum

(c) Jhulan

(d) Sharda

4. HCF of 105, 150 and 210 is x, HCF of 126, 396, 1080 is y and HCF of 440, 180 and 280 is z. Which of the following is greatest?

(a) x

(b) y

(c) z

(d) All are equal

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