(Sample Material) CSAT Online Coaching : Basic Numeracy "Area of Plane Figures"


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Subject: Basic Numeracy

Topic: Area of Plane Figures

1. The length of a rectangle is increased by 60%. By what percent would the width have to be decreased so as to maintain the same area?

(b) 70%

(c) 75%

(d) 130%

2. A room is 15 feet long and 12 feet broad. A mat has to be placed on the floor of this room leaving 1½ feet space from the walls. What will be the cost of the mat at the rate of Rs.  3.50 per square feet?

(a) Rs.  378

(b) Rs.  638

(c) Rs.  496

(d) Rs.  635

3. Within a rectangular garden 10 m wide and 20 m long, we wish to pave a walk around the borders of uniform width so as to leave an area of 96 m2 for flowers. How wide should the walk be?

(a) 3.2 m

(b) 2 m

(c) 2.7 m

(d) 3.5 m

4. The length of a rectangle is 1 cm more than its breadth. The diagonal is 29 cm. Find the area of the rectangle

(a) 481 cm2

(b) 841 cm2

(c) 420 cm2

(d) 870 cm2

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