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Sample Material of Our Online Coaching Programme

Subject: Basic Numeracy

Topic: Basic Algebra

1. Which of the following expression is a polynomial?

2. Ramesh and Ganesh had some oranges initially. If Ramesh gave 5 oranges to Ganesh, then Ganesh will have thrice as many as Ramesh. Instead of that, if Ganesh were to give 5 oranges to Ramesh, then they will both have the same number of oranges. Find the ratio of oranges between Ramesh and Ganesh.

(a) 3 : 5

(b) 1 : 3

(c) 5 : 7

(d) 7 : 9

3. The difference between the ages of two brothers is 10 yr. Fifteen years ago, the elder was one and half times as old as the younger one. The present age of elder brother is

(a) 45 yr

(b) 30 yr

(c) 35 yr

(d) 20 yr

4.  The roots of the equation         are

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