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Sample Material of Our Online Coaching Programme

Subject: Basic Numeracy

Topic: Partnership

1. A and B started a business with investments of Rs. 42000 and Rs. 63000 respectively. After 4 months B withdraws from the business. At the end of a year they got Rs. 9600 as total profit. Find the share of B.

(a) Rs. 5600
(b) Rs. 2800
(c) Rs. 3200
(d) Rs. 6400

2. Rs. 1290 is divided between A, B and C so, that A’s share is times B’s and B’s share is times C’s. What is C’s share?

(a) Rs. 200
(b) Rs. 400
(c) Rs. 240
(d) Rs. 420

3. What amount of money is divided between A. B and C if B and C together get Rs. 100 and A gets twice as much as B while C with A gets Rs. 150?

(a) Rs. 200
(b) Rs. 250
(c) Rs. 300
(d) Rs. 350

4. Radhika and Renuka enter into a partnership with investment of Rs. 50000 and Rs. 70000 respectively. Renuka gets 10% of the total profit for maintaining the business and the remaining profit is distributed between them in the ratio of their investments. If the total profit at the end of the years is Rs. 30000, find the total share of Renuka.

(a) Rs. 16575
(b) Rs. 21500
(c) Rs. 18750
(d) Rs. 11250

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