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Subject: Decision Making

Topic: Decision Making Part - 1

1. You are travelling in a crowded bus and you see that an old lady is standing, and some young boys sitting on the seats reserved for the ladies. What would you suggest to them

(a) Go and ask them to leave the seat for old lady
(b) Request them to leave the seat for old lady.
(c) Tell them that it is a reserved seat so they should leave it.
(d) Ask someone else to vacate the seat for lady.

2. Many people die every year in the stampede during the various fairs and festivals at different religious places. What steps should be taken by the government?

(a) Make proper arrangements to control the crowd at these places.
(b) Give compensation to those who injured and died.
(c) Put ban on the celebration of these fairs and festivals.
(d) Only allowed a certain number of people to take part in these programmes which are manageable.

3. There are many cases of corruption and fraud found against the various microfinance companies, that are charging very high interest rates from the poor people becoming cause for the suicide of these people. What steps should be taken ?

(a) Ban all the micro finance enterprises.
(b) Enact a law to regulate and nationalize them.
(c) Ask them to pay compensation to those who charged more interest rate from the poor people.
(d) Appoint a committee to see the issue.

4. You are driving your car on a road suddenly a child come from the wrong side and he injured by your car. You know that, it was not your mistake. The parents of child and some other people came there.

(a) You start shouting on them for their carelessness.
(b) Start telling them law , that it was wrong side and the fault was of chid.
(c) Run away from the accident site.
(d) Tell people to take the child to hospital first.

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