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Subject: Decision Making

Topic: Decision Making Part - 2

1. You are travelling in your official car and during the journey someone is hit by your car and dies on the spot, what you will do ?

(a) Ask the driver to drive fast.
(b) Ask the driver to stop car and move out to take the person to the hospital.
(c) Ask the driver to reach the nearby police station and surrender there.
(d) Put all the blame on your driver to save yourself.

2. You have come across a case wherein an old poorman is unable to submit his ration card and claim ration to meet his basic necessity of life. Knowing your superior’s procedural approach in handling issues, you...

(a) go strictly as per the procedures
(b) take initiative to help the poor man arranging for alternative ration card
(c) assist the poor man with some money on your own but do not compromise on procedures
(d) avoid some procedural steps since you understand the necessity of the poor man.

3. You and your friend are working in your office. Suddenly you heard the sound of bullet. Actually it was the sound of the bullet which was fired by your friend at your CEO. What is your reaction ?

(a) Try to escape the office
(b) Start shouting and create panic in the office.
(c) Analyse the situation and try to understand the act of your friend.
(d) Call the police and ask your friend to surrender himself.

4. If you are the chairman of a bank, and your bank is going to takeover by some other big bank. You staff is opposing the takeover because they are convinced that they will lose their jobs, what will you do ?

(a) Try to convince the staff members as per the law and rules.
(b) Suspend all the employees and issue the notification for new recruitment.
(c) Try to stop takeover.
(d) Ask them for voluntary retirement.

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