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Subject: Decision Making

Topic: Decision Making Part - 3

1. The government has raised the retirement age of the public sector employees. The young educated people protest because of the government’s plan to raise the retirement age and the situation become out of control. In your opinion government should

(a) try to convince the young people via media that it will not affect their opportunities.
(b) take strong action against agitators.
(c) take their decision back.
(d) promise to create other opportunities for the young people.

2. In a situation that air passangers give little thought to but what is serious threat to air-safety is poor maintenance. In the current global airline boom, competition is intense, which compels airline to minimise COST AND MAXIMISE OUTPUT. What you will do to reduce the serious threat ?

(a) Raise the fund for maintenance
(b) Reduce the fare
(c) Chalk out the problem, take best possible measures to improve air safety
(d) Maximise the cost then maintain the air safety

3. Cases of road accidents are increasing constantly particularly in the urban areas. If you are the transport authority in urban area, what you would decide ?

(a) Impose stringent norms for the maintenance of vehicles.
(b) Order the traffic police to severely punish those found to be violating traffic rules.
(c) Try to convince the people through seminars and to make them realise.
(d) All of the above.

4. Despite good economic progress of the country, significant number of undernourished children has been observed in the country. If you are the chairman of the committee what you would suggest that is the foremost and basic decision for the improvement of the health of undernourished children ?

(a) Increase wealth tax and income tax and use that money for upliftment of the deprived class.
(b) Give the employment to their parents.
(c) Introduce schemes like free meal in schools etc.
(d) Educate their parents to feed them properly.

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