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Subject: Decision Making

Topic: Decision Making Part - 4

1. Transparency is, in many ways, the basis for participatory decision-making. Transparency enables people to participate meaningfully in public decision-making by providing them with the information they need to understand, evaluate, and influence the actions of decision-makers. While some international organizations have recently improved their information disclosure policies and practices,they still fall well short of international best practice. According to you, what is the best practice which improve transparency ?

(a) A guiding principle of maximum disclosure, in which all information is subject to disclosure unless there is an overriding public interest in keeping it secret.
(b) Broad definitions of the scope of information subject to disclosure.
(c) Clear, accessible mechanisms for the public to exercise of the right to information, including an independent mechanism through which denials of information requests can be appealed
(d) Practical steps to promote greater access to information.

2. We see no reason why the world’s leading development institutions should not meet international best practice standards with respect to transparency. What is the foremost decision of you for the World Bank to meet these standards, it would need to

(a) improve the transparency of its own governance structure and decision making.
(b) close the range of draft and final documents, as well as other key decision documents, that are required to be disclosed proactively.
(c) subject all exceptions to closure to substantial harm and public interest tests.
(d) establish an independent appeals mechanism to review denials of requests for information.

3. A National Development Fund was created by the Government of India a few years ago. The purpose of the fund are to boost investment in social sector projects to promote education, healthcare and employment, capital investments in selected profitable PSEs to yield adequate returns, to fund revision in pay structure of Government employees, but still lags in most of the areas. What you

(a) shut down the NDF
(b) take initiative to improve the NDF by suggesting the alternative methods
(c) assist the NDF with some money on your own.
(d) avoid some procedural steps.

4. Because of recent incidents parents in the locality decided to stop sending their children to school by private vehicles. A major accident of a private van carrying school children lead to deaths of few and injuries for many children. What is the foremost and basic strategy that reduces the accident levels and them to send their children to school. You...

(a) cancel the license of the drivers
(b) cancel the affiliation of the schools
(c) sort out the problems, prioritise the particular areas of the problem
(d) replace the private vehicles with the govt. vehicle.

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