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Subject: Interpersonal Skills

Topic: Interpersonal Skills Part-1

1. In comparison to small group communication, in organizational communication

(a) Feedback is easier and more immediate.
(b) Communication roles are more formal.
(c) Message can be better adapted to the specific needs of the receiver.
(d) People are closer to one another in space.

2. Which of the following is an example of mediated communication ?

(a) A newscaster delivers the weather report on the six o”clock news.
(b) Two friends gossip with one another.
(c) Students work on a class project together.
(d) A politician addresses a nominating convention.

3. Which is true about the way interpersonal relationships affect us physically ?

(a) Deprived of interpersonal relationships, humans can become sick.
(b) Interpersonal relationships are not actually necessary for humans; studies show that humans raised in isolation are actually healthier than those raised with others.
(c) Humans arc the only mammals that need relationships in order to thrive.
(d) Interpersonal relationships are necessary until about age 6, but not later in adulthood.

4. Which is a characteristic of private relationships (in comparison to public relationships)?

(a) substitutability
(b) use of particularistic knowledge
(c) extrinsic rewards
(d) normative rules

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