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Subject: Interpersonal Skills

Topic: Interpersonal Skills Part - 3

1. Words or phrases that signal the writer’s intention and make connections between ideas clear to the reader are called ‘discourse markers’. Identify the cluster in which all the words/phrases convey cause/effect?

(a) Accordingly, in the same way, lastly
(b) Accordingly, as a result, consequently;
(c) Eventually, finally, lastly
(d) For example, as a rule, accordingly

2. In which cluster all the ‘discourse markers’ convey suppose to a main idea?

(a) For instance, for the mosepart, in the same way
(b) For example, whereas, as a rule
(c) For instance, such that, for example
(d) Even so, such that, for instance

3.The element anim’ has developed the following for meanings

A. Life’
B. ‘soul’, ‘mind’
C. ‘hostility’
D. ‘courage’

In which both the words exemplify the meaning ‘life’

(a) animalcule, animate
(b) animus, animation
(c) pusillanimous, magnanimous
(d) animism, animadversion

4. ‘Libr means balance or weigh. This element is not to be confused with two others; ‘libr’ which is book and ‘liber’ this means free. Identify the pair in which both thee words mean ‘weigh’ or ‘balance’.

(a) Librium, deliberate
(b) equilibrate, Librium
(c) equilibrate, deliberate
(d) Librium, liberal

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