(Sample Material) CSAT Online Coaching : Logical reasoning and analytical ability "Cause and Effect"


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Subject: Logical reasoning and analytical ability

Topic: Cause and Effect

Directions (Q. Nos. 1 to 5): In each of the following questions two statements numbered I and II are given. There may be cause and effect relationship between the two statements. These two statements may be the effect of the same cause or independent causes. These statements may be independent causes without having any relationship. Read both the statements in each question and mark your answer as.

(a) If statement I is the cause and statement II is its effect
(b) If statement II is the cause and statement I is its effect
(c) If both the statements I and II are independent causes
(d) If both the statements I and II are effects of independent causes


I. There is sharp decline in the production of oil seeds this year.

II. The government has decided to increase the import quantum of edible oil.


I. The life today is too fast, demanding and full of variety in all aspects which at times leads to stressful situations.

II. Number of suicide cases among teenagers is on increase.


I. There is unprecedented increase in the number of young unemployed in comparison to the previous year.

II. A large number of candidates submitted applications against an advertisement for the post of manager issued by a bank.


I. All the schools in the area had to bee kept closed for the most part of the week.

II. Many parents have withdrawn their children from local schools.

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