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Subject: Logical reasoning and analytical ability

Topic: Deriving Conclusion

Directions (Q. Nos. 1 to 4) A passage is given below followed by several possible inferences which can be drawn fro the facts stated in the passage. You have to examine each inference separately in the context of the passage and decide, upon its degree of truth or falsity, Mark answer

(a) if the inference is definitely true ie, it properly follows from the statement of facts given.
(b) if the inference is probably true though not definitely true in the light of the facts given.
(c) if the data are inadequate, ie, from the facts given you can not say whether the inference is likely to be true false.
(d) if the inference is ‘definitely false’ ie, it cannot possibly be drawn from the facts given or it contradicts the give facts.


One of the promising features of the current market is that domestic institutions seem to heave turned buyers after very long time. They have been net buyers this month with inflows exceeding by by 80 crore till early this month. That admittedly a small amount, but its significance lies in the fact that domestic institutions have been net sellers every month this financial year except in September when their net purchases amounted to a microscopic Rs. 28 crore. The financial year’s net sales by domestic institutions amounted to Rs. 2964 crore, which has substantially offset the net inflows of  Rs. 3187 crore by Flls. The net purchases by domestic institutions could indicate that money is once again flowing into equity funds, eager not to miss the widely expected rally. Part of this reason could be a shift in invest portfolios, as people lighten up on debt and put that money into equity.

1. Domestic institutions have been consistently selling only in all the months in this financial years.

2. Flls bought more than what was sold by domestic institutions this financial year.

3. The equity market is expected to experience a subdued activity in near future.

4. The activities in equity market has direct relationship with the debt market.

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