(Sample Material) CSAT Online Coaching : Logical reasoning and analytical ability "Situation Reaction Tests"


Sample Material of Our Online Coaching Programme

Subject: Logical reasoning and analytical ability

Topic: Situation Reaction Tests

Directions (Q. Nos. 1 to 5): In the following questions consist four portable answers as an alternatives. You have to select most appropriate alternative as the answer.

1. “No risk no gain”, you

(a) feel that risk means no gain
(b) believe that this slogan is correct
(c) feel it is foolish to accept unnecessary risk
(d) feel that risk may be taken only after judging

2. Your friends like smoking and influence you to do the same. You will

(a) smoke only because your friends are smoking
(b) refuse to smoke
(c) smoke but only in their presence
(d) refuse and lie to them that you have asthma

3. You have a new boss. You

(a) will be in different
(b) welcome him warmly
(c) go and flatter him as will help out in future
(d) have problems adjusting as you are still loyal to your old boss

4. You are getting late for your college and bus is not available. In such a situation

(a) you start walking
(b) you drop the idea of going to college that day and return home
(c) you think about other possible conveyance
(d) you wait patiently for the bus though you are late for the class

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