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Subject: Problem Solving

Topic: Problem Solving Part - 1

1. You are returning back home after a tiring day at office. On the way you find a man bleeding profusely due to an accident. What will you do now?

(a) No need of stopping as your family would be patiently waiting for you at home
(b) Quickly take the injured to _ a nearby hospital, and inform the police
(c) Inform the police first as it would be a complicated case
(d) Stop there, but do nothing

2. Onion prices have jumped recently due to bad weather in western India, and consequent hoarding by unscrupulous traders. In the nearby market it is selling Rs. 100/kg. What will you do?

(a) Organize the people in the area to boycott buying the onions
(b) Organize the people to protest against the onion sellers, and destroy all the onions
(c) Buy yourself the onions at Rs. 100/kg, and try to convince others to do the same
(d) Complain to the police about the traders selling onions at Rs. 100/kg

3. Recently petroleum prices have jumped due to decontrol of price mechanism by the Government.

(a) You will sell your vehicle as you can’t bear the price hike and control the use of your vehicle
(b) You will write to a local newspaper’s editor against the price-hike
(c) Be austere in the use of the vehicle
(d) Join a political party and hold morchas against the price hike

4. When it comes to working with others, how does a good leader function?

(a) He manages to share the work around equally
(b) He likes to organise all the members of his team
(c) He ends up doing most of the work
(d) He prefers to work on his own

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