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Subject: Problem Solving

Topic: Problem Solving Part - 2

1. Everyone in your department has received a new project except you. What would you do?

(a) Assume this is a mistake and speak to your boss.
(b) Remind your boss of your capabilities and ask him why he is being treated unfairly
(c) Speak to your colleagues and find out if one of them can handover their project to you
(d) Consider it as a sign of the lack of trust the boss has shown to you and quit

2. You are aware that large amount of money from the district treasury has been going missing over the past couple of weeks. On a few occasions you noticed one of your junior colleagues dropping something in her personal bag near the cash box. What would be the most appropriate response to this situation?

(a) Gather more information about her from different sources and catch her red-handed
(b) Ask your colleagues if they have seen her stealing department money.
(c) Confront your junior colleague and tell her about what you have noticed
(d) Don’t’ do anything hoping that one day she will be caught by your seniors if she is guilty.

3. At the end of a hectic day at work, you erroneously send an e-mail containing an attachment containing some confidential information to a wrong person. Your manager is busy in a meeting. Which of the following would be the best thing to do?

(a) It has been one of those bad days when nothing works right. Leave the office for the day and deal with the situation the next day.
(b) Overlook your error and forward the e-mail to the right person immediately.
(c) Immediately send a follow up email to the “wrong” person, or call him explaining your mistake. Then send the email to the correct person.
(d) Explain the mistake to the manager when he comes out of the meeting and ask for his advice in the matter.

4. You are working on a number of projects the completion of which can bring a lot of rewards to your company. You have been given tight deadlines and have a lot of basic information to gather. You have asked other colleagues for help but are unsure of their commitment. What would you do?

(a) Effect certain changes in some of the projects so that you can complete them on time
(b) Drop some of the projects so that you can complete the remaining ones on time
(c) Outline the help that you need from others and explain to them why their individual contributions are important
(d) Carry on with the tasks yourself as it may fetch you good increments

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