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Subject: India & World Geography

Topic: North America

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Latitude : 7° 12' N to 83° 38' N Longitude : 12° 08' W to 172° 30' W
Area : 24,709,000 sq. km (including Greenland and the Caribbean Islands).
Population : 533.8 million
Situation : North America is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the east, Gulf of Mexico in the south, the Pacific Ocean in the west and the Arctic Ocean in the north. To the north it is separated from the easternmost tip of Siberia by the Bering Strait.
Size : Third largest continent after Asia and Africa.

• 49° N latitude forms the boundary between Canada and U.S.A.
• The 100° W longitude divides North America into more or less two equal parts.

Important Seas, Bays and Gulfs


Location and Related Information

Part of Ocean

Beaufort Sea

North of Canada.

Arctic Ocean

Gulf of Boothia

Between Boothia Peninsula and Baffin Island, North of Canada

Arctic Ocean

Baffin Bay

Between Greenland and Baffin Island.

Atlantic Ocean

Hudson Bay

North of Canada.

Atlantic Ocean

James Bay

North of Canada.

Atlantic Ocean

Labrador Sea

East of Labrador, Canada.

Atlantic Ocean

Gulf of St. Lawrance 

Northeast of USA St. Lawrence River drains.

Atlantic Ocean

Bay of Fundy

Between New Brunswick and and Nova Scotia. Site of highest tides.

 Atlantic Ocean

Chesapeake Bay

Between Virginia and Maryland (Longest offshore bar in the world)

Atlantic Ocean

Gulf of Mexico

East of Central America Mississippi River drains.

Atlantic Ocean

Gulf of Campeche

East of Mexico.

Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean

Gulf of Darien

Between Panama City and South America.

 Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean

Caribbean Sea

East of Central America, known for hurricane generation.

Atlantic Ocean

Gulf of Panama

Between Central America and South America

Pacific Ocean

Coronado Bay

West of Costa Rica.

Pacific Ocean

Gulf of California

Between Lower California and Western Mexico.
Colorado river drains.

Pacific Ocean

Gulf of Alaska

South of Alaska.

Pacific Ocean

Bering Sea

West of Alaska. Between North America and Asia.

Pacific Ocean

Ellesmere Island,
Queen Elizabeth Islands,
Parry Islands,
Banks Island,
Victoria Island (Third largest island of the Arctic Ocean), Prince of Wales Island

North of Canada

Arctic Ocean

Baffin Island (Second  largest island of the Arctic Ocean)

 Representative example of ice cap, a type of continental  glacier, many serrated granitic ridges.

Arctic Ocean

Coats Island,
Mancel Island,
Ottawa Island,
Belcher Island

North to South in Hudson Bay


Anticostal Island

Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Atlantic Ocean

Cape Breton Island

 Novascotia Region known for coal fields.

Atlantic Ocean

Florida Keys

Many small islands of coral origin, situated to the south of  Miami between Cuba and Miami
Region of sponges harvesting which support a thriving sponge industry.

Atlantic Ocean

Bahama Island

Coral Island, SE of Florida

Atlantic Ocean

Caicos Island (U.K.)

SE of Bahama Island

Atlantic Ocean

Vancouver Island

West of Canada.

Pacific Ocean

Queen Charlotte Island

North of Vancouver Island

Pacific Ocean

Alexander Archipelago (A group of island that lie in close proximity)

West of Canada

Pacific Ocean

Kodiak Island

Gulf of Alaska

Pacific Ocean

St. Lawrence Island (Near Bering Strait) Nunivak Island

Bering Sea.

Pacific Ocean

Aleutian Island

Extend south-southwest for 1800 km from Alaska Peninsula

Pacific Ocean

Hawaiian Island
(Part of the USA)

Lie in the northern limits of the tropics in the North Pacific Ocean
• Consisit of 8 main, 15 small-uninhabited islands
• Island’s Capital Honolulu is known as “The cross roads
of the Pacific.

Pacific Ocean.

Important Straits

Strait : A narrow sea passage that links two larger area of seas.




Nares Straits

Greenland and Ellesmere Island

Arctic Ocean and Baffin Bay

Davis Strait

Greenland and Baffin Island

Baffin Bay and Labrador Sea.

Hudson Strait

Baffin Island and Ungava Peninsula (Qubec)

Hudson Bay and Labrador Sea.

Belle Isle Strait

Labrador and New Foundland

Gulf of St. Lawrence and Atlantic Ocean

Florida Strait

Florida and Cuba.

Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean

Yucatan Strait

Yucatan Peninsula (NE Mexico) and Cuba

Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean

Juan de Fucca Strait

Washington and Vancouver Island


Bering Strait

Chukchi Peninsula, Russia (Asia) and Alaska (North America)


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