(Sample Material) IAS PRE GS Online Coaching : India & World Geography - "World Climatic Types"

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Subject: India & World Geography
Topic: World Climatic Types

The Hot, Wet Equatorial Climate (Af)


  • It is found between 5º and 10º north and south of the equator.

  • It is dominantly found in the lowlands of the Amazon, the Congo, Malaysia and the East Indies.


  • There is great uniformity of temperature throughout the year.

  • The mean monthly temperatures are always around 24 to 27ºC, with very little variation.

  • There is no winter.

  • The diurnal and annual range of temperature is small.

  • Precipitation is heavy between 6o inches and 10 inches, and well distributed throughout the year.

  • The double rainfall peaks, coinciding with the equinoxes are a characteristics feature of it.

Natural Vegetation

  • It support a luxuriant type of vegetation – the tropical rain forest.

  • Amazon tropical rain forest is known as Selvas.

  • It comprises a multitude of evergreen trees that yield tropical hardwood, e.g. mahogany, ebony, greenheart, cabinet wood. And dyewoods.

  • Lianas, epiphytic and parasitic plants are also found.

  • Trees of single species are very scarce in such vegetation.


  • The equatorial regions are generally sparsely populated.

  • In the forests, most primitive people live as hunters and collectors and the more advanced ones practice shifting cultivation.

  • Some plantation crops are also practiced like natural rubber, cocoa, etc.