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(MCQ) General Science: Diversity in Living Organisms

1. Consider the following statements.

(i) Protista do not have a defined nucleus nor do they show multi-cellular body designs.
(ii) Monera include many kinds of unicellular eukaryotic organisms.
(iii) Fungi are heterotrophic eukaryotic organisms.

Which of the above are true?

a) i & ii
b) ii & iii
c) iii only
d) ii only

2. Consider the following statements.

(i) Thallophytic are predominantly aquatic.
(ii) Plants have a well defined body design.
(iii) The plants of this group are called algae.

Which of the above are correct?

a) i & ii
b) i & iii
c) iii
d) ii & iii

3. Consider the following statements.

(i) Making of curd and bread is done by bacterium lacto bacillus.
(ii) Yeast is used as a commercial product for alcohol & wine.
(iii) The process of conversion of sugar into alcohol is called fermentation.

Which of the above are incorrect?

a) i & ii
b) iii
c) None of the above
d) ii

4. Consider the following statements

(i) Louis Pasture discovered penicillin.
(ii) Alexandra Fleming discovered fermentation.
(iii) Edward Jenner discovered vaccine for small pox.

Which of the above are incorrect?

a) i & ii
b) ii & iii
c) i, ii & iii
d) iii

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