(MCQ) IAS PRE GS Online Coaching : General Science - "Gist of What, Why and How"


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(MCQ) General Science: Gist of What, Why and How

1. Consider the following statements.

(i) Storage Batteries are store houses of electrical energy.
(ii) The energy is stored in the form of chemical charge.
(iii) Most common storage battery is lead acid.

Which of the above are true?

a) i & ii
b) ii & ii
c) All of the above
d) None of these

2. Consider the following statements.

(i) Night vision glasses are used for seeing in pitch dark.
(ii) Some glasses make use of infrared radiation.

Which of the above are false?

a) i
b) ii
c) i & ii
d) None

3. Consider the following statements.

(i) Diamond is formed in nature from graphite.
(ii) In artificial diamonds intense heat is applied on graphite in the presence of iron as a catalyst.

Which of the above are false?

a) i & ii
b) ii
c) None
d) all of these

4. Consider the following statements.

(i) Sleep/awake cycles in human is controlled by hypothalamus.
(ii) Hypothalamus is located in lower part of the brain.

Which of the above are false?

a) i & ii
b) ii only
c) i only
d) None of these

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