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(MCQ) General Science: Photosynthesis

1. Consider the following statements.

(i) Plants are the only photosynthetic organisms to have leaves.
(ii) Not all plants have leaves.
(iii) A leaf may be viewed as a solar collector.

Which of the above are true?

a) I & ii
b) Ii & iii
c) Iii only
d) All of the above

2. Consider the following statements.

(i) A pigment is any substance that absorbs light.
(ii) The color of pigment comes from the wavelength of light reflected.
(iii) Black pigments absorb all wavelengths that strike them.

Which of the above are false?

a) i & ii
b) ii & iii
c) None of the above
d) iii only

3. Consider the following statements.

(i) Accessory pigments absorbs energy that chlorophyll A does not absorb.
(ii) All photosynthetic organisms have chlorophyll
(iii) Chlorophyll absorbs energy from violet, blue & reddish orange radiation.

Which of the above are correct?

a) i & ii
b) ii & iii
c) iii & i
d) All of the above

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