(Success Story) Abhiram G Shankar Ranked 4th in the UPSC Examination 2010

https://iasexamportal.com/images/upsc.JPGAbhiram G Shankar, ranked fourth in the UPSC Civil Service Examination, does not exactly remember the last time he sent a scrap on Orkut.

He does not remember either, the last time he sat through an entire film. But the State topper in the Civil Service Examination precisely remembers every single question in perfect order, one by one, he was asked during the final interview of the UPSC Civil Service Examination.

‘‘You’ve got to have a sense of discretion. You cannot remember everything you study. But once you know how to remember what really matters and reproduce it at the right time, your success is guaranteed,’’ Abhiram, a native of Attingal, puts it crisply before excusing himself to pose for mediamen and to receive the guests pouring in.

Once he decided to aim at Civil Service chucking offers from MNCs, this B Tech graduate never logged on to any community sites. Except for the fifteen minutes he would talk to his parents every day from the training academy in Chennai, Abhiram was literally cocooned.

‘‘It was not that I was always studying. But I didn’t want any kind of distractions during my studies. The best way to ensure that was to stay away from what could possibly distract me. My friends were always accommodative and it really helped me.’’

Abhiram was resolved to grab his aim on the first chance and for this reason he even renewed his decision.

‘‘I had thought that I would work for two years and then study. But as I finished my B Tech, I felt I could not resist my ambition.’’ He says how this surge one feels inside could make you work for nothing.

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Courtesy: Expressbuzz.com