(Success Story) UPSC Topper 2015 - Chekuri Keerthi (AIR-14)

(Success Story) UPSC Topper 2015 - Chekuri Keerthi (AIR-14)

She studied the behaviour of metallic elements and alloys quite effortlessly, and is confident of handling the complexity of people’s issues with the same ease. The student of Metallurgy Engineering batch in the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, has now emerged as the topper in the two Telugu states in the Civil Services exam. Confidence personified, Chekuri Kirthi, the All India 14{+t}{+h}ranker picked up the idea of being an IAS officer only in her third year at IIT inspired by a talk of serving officer. “Couldn’t imagine myself working in the four walls of a company and the vast scope of service civil services throw up actually drew me towards it,” Kirthi told The Hindu. The topper was at the R.C. Reddy Study Circle, where she took coaching for some subjects.

Different thought

Unlike any normal Telugu girl with an engineering degree who aims to land in the United States, Kirthi thought differently.

“I could have easily got into the best of US universities like MIT given my scores in IIT but somewhere my mind didn’t allow me. In fact, I did not even sit for placements in IIT and preferred Civil Services,” says the girl from Visakhapatnam.


Courtesy: The Hindu