(Syllabus) Karnataka PSC: Preliminary Examination : Anthropology

Karnataka Public Service Commission

Syllabus For Civil Service Examination (Preliminary)

Subject: Anthropology

  • Nature, definition and scope of anthropology, its branches, Concepts, Culture, Society, Community, group and institutions.
  • Evaluation Lamarckism, Darwinism, Synthetic theory; Man and apes. Stages of Human Evolutions Austrlopithecines, Home Erecuts. and Neanderthals. Anthropological perspectives on Human Genetics: -Mendel’s law of heredity and its application to Man. Concept of race, criteria of racial classification . Major races of World, Racism.
  • Social Institutions: Family - Forms and Function Marriage - Forms and Universality, Marriage payments Kinship - Descent, Descent, residence, terminology and usages economy - types, forms of exchange - Debate between formalists and substantivists. State and stateless political systems, Sources of power and authority. Law in simple and complex societies. Anthropology and law. Religion, Magic, Science and theories of origin of religion: -nature - Spirit complex. Internal and External factors of change. Spontaneous and Directed change - Agents of change -Acculturation, Westernisation, Modernisation and Sanskritisation. Field work traditions in Anthropology, approaches and tools. Palasolitic, Mesolithic, Neolithic cultures and Megaliths Methods of dating and the Great Ice Age. Urban Revolution and early cities. Language and culture, Phonetics, Phonemics and syntax, Major linguistic families of the world, Ethnography of communications and Sapir-whorf  hypothesis.
  • Indian Society and Basis of Indian Social System: ‘Varna’, ‘Jati’, Vamashrama Dharma, Indian Tribes and their Ethnographic background, Geographic, Racial and Linguistic distribution of Tribals in India. Nomadic and Settled Tribes, Tribes and their spec,ific problems. Tribal Administration and Welfares, Plans & Programmes. Historical and Contemporary trends. Issues relating to National integration, Constitutional provisions and safeguard for the welfare of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

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