(Syllabus) Karnataka PSC: Preliminary Examination : Economics

Karnataka Public Service Commission

Syllabus For Civil Service Examination (Preliminary)

Subject: Economics


  1. National Economic Accounting: National Income Analysis, generation and Distribution of Income and related aggregation, Gross National Product, Net National Product, Gross Domestic Producet and Not Domestic Product (at Market Prices and Factor Costs) : at constant and Current prices.
  2. Price Theory: Law of Demand; Utility analysis and indiffence curve techniques;consumer equilibrium, cost curves and their relationships; equilibrium of a firm
    under different market structures; pricing of factors and production.
  3. Money & Banking: Definition and functions of money (Ml,M2, M3) Credit creation; Credit sources, costs and availability, theories of the Demand for money.
  4. International Trade : The theory of comparative costs; Ricardian. and Hockscher - Ohlim; the balance of payments and the adjustment mechanism. Trade Theory and economic growth and development.

Part - II

  1. Economic Growth And Development : Meaning and measurement characteristics of under development; rate and pattern, Modern Economic Growth; sources of growth distribution and growth; problems of growth of developing economics.

Part - III

  1. Indian Economy: India’s economy since independence; trends in population growth since 1951; Population and poverty; general trends in National Income and related aggregates; Planning in India; objectives, strategy and rate and pattern of growth; problems of industrialization strategy; Agricultural growth since independence with special reference to food grains; unemployment; nature of the problem and possible solutions. Public Finance and Economic Policy.
  2. Karnataka Economy
    Characteristics of Karnataka :
    Physical features and climate-Natural Resources - Flora and Fauna-size and population major regions.
  3. Development of Agriculture And Allied Activities: Irrigation potential- Land Reforms - Agricultural pricing, finances and marketing - State Poverty alleviation programmes - Jawahar Rozgar Yojana etc., Housing Forestry - Fisheries Development - Export Potentiality - Appropriate technology - Industrial Development-Growth of Industries Cotton Textiles - Cement - Silk - Gold Mining - paper - Sugar etc., New Industrial- Policy - Critical appraisal Industry - Vs. Environment - Industrial estates- - Banks and Industrial Development - GlobaIisation and emergine economic scenario in Karnataka - Small Scale Industries.
  4. Planning: The planning processes - State Planning Board - District level planning - Five year Plans Objectives and Strategies - Evaluation of Plans -Employment Generation Schemes.
  5. State Budgets: Objectives - Finances for Local Bodies - Octroi - Entry Tax - Entertainment Tax - Resource Mobilisation - Salesation Sales Tax - Excise Duties - Profession Tax - Value added Tax -Decentralisation of Economic power - Panchayat Raj - Three Tier System - Strengths and weaknesses -Finance per Panchayat Raj - Recommendations of Dr. Honnavar Committee - State Finance Commission - Infrastructure - Transportation - roads (KSRTC) - Railways - Air Transport - Ports - Post and Telecommunications - Electricity (KEB)

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