(Syllabus) Karnataka PSC: Preliminary Examination : Geology

Karnataka Public Service Commission

Syllabus For Civil Service Examination (Preliminary)

Subject: Geology

Part - I

  • PHYSICAL GEOLOGY: Solar system and the Earth origin, age and internal constitution of Earth weathering Geological work of river, Lake, glacier, wind,
    sea and groundwater, Volcanoes - types distribution, geological effects and products; Earthquakes - distribution causes and effects. Elementary ideas about geo synclines, isostasy and mountain building, condimental drift, seafloor spreading and place tectonics.
  • GEOMORPHOLOGY : Basic concepts of geomorphology, Normal cycle of erosion, drainage patterns. Landforms formed by ice, wind and water.
  • STRUCTURAL AND FIELD GEOLOGY: Cinometer compass and its use. Primary and Secondary structures. Representation of attitude, slope; strike and dip. Effects of topography on outcrop. Folds, Fault, Unconformities and Joint their description, classification. recognition in the field and their effects on out crops. Criteria for the determination of the order of super-position in the field. Nappes and Geological windows. Elementary ideas of geological survey and mapping.

Part - II

  • CRYSTALLOGRAPHY: Crystalline and amorphous substances. Crystal, its definition and morphological characteristics; elements of crystal structure. Laws of Crystallography. Symmetry elements of crystal belonging to normal class of seven Crystal Systems. Crystal habits and twining.
  • MINERALOGY: Principles of optics. Behaviour of light through isotropic and anisotropic substances. Petrological microscope; construction and working of Nicol Prism, Birefringence; Pleochrosim; extinction. Physical. , chemical and optical properties of more common rock forming minerals of following groups; quartz, feldspar. mica, amphibole, pyroxene, olivine, garnet, chlorite and carbonate.
  • ECONOMIC GEOLOGY: Ore, Ore mineral and gangue. Outline of the processes of formation and classification of ore deposits. Brief study of mode of occurence, origin, distribution (in India) and economic uses of the following; gold, ores of iron. manganese, chromium, copper, aluminum, lead and zinc; mica, gypsum magnesite and kyanite; diamond; coal and petroleum.

Part - III


  • IGNEOUS PETROLOGY: Magma- its composition and nature, Crystallization of Magma, Differentiation and assimilation. Bowen’s reaction principle Texture and structure of igneous rocks. Mode of occurence and mineralogy of igneous rocks. Classification and varieties of igneous rocks.
  • SEDIMENTARY PETROLOGY: Sedimentary process and products. An outline Classification of sedimentary rocks. Important primary sedimentary structures (Bedding, cross bedding, graded bedding ripple marks, sole structures, parting lineation). Residual deposit their mode of formation, characteristics and important types. Clastic deposits, their classification, mineral composition and texture, Elementary knowledge of the origin and characteristics of quartz arenites, arkoses and greywackers. Silicesus and calcoreous deposits of chemical and organic origin.
  • METAMORPHIC PETROLOGY: Definition, agents & types of metamorphisms, Distinguishing characters of metamorphic rocks Zones, grades of metamorphic rocks. Texture and structure of metamorphic rocks. Basis of classification of metamorphic rocks. Brief petrographic description of quartizite,. Slate, schist, gneiss, marble and homfels.

Part - IV

  • PALAEONTOLOGY: Fossils, conditions for entombent, types of preservation .and. uses. Broad morphological features and geological distribution of brachiopods, bivalves (lameli branches) gastropods, cephalopods, trilobites, echinoids and corals. A brief study of Gondwana flora and Silkwalik mammals.
  • STRATIGRAPHY: Fundamental laws of stratigraphy, Classification.of the stratified rocks into groups, systems and series etc. and classification of geologic time into eras, periods and epochs. An outline Geology of India and a brief study of the following systems with respect to their distribution, lithology, fossil interest and economic importance, if any : Dharwar, Windhya, Gondwana and Siwalik.

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