(Syllabus) Karnataka PSC: Preliminary Examination : Sociology

Karnataka Public Service Commission

Syllabus For Civil Service Examination (Preliminary)

Subject: Sociology

CONCEPTS: Race and Culture; Human Evolution, Phases of Culture, Culture change, culture contact, acculturation, Cultural relativism society, group, status, role primary secondary and reference groups. Community and association, social structure and social organization, structure and function, objective facts, norms, values and belief systems, sanctions deviance, socio-cultural processes assimilation, integration cooperation, competition and conflict, Social Demography, Institution; Kinship system and kinship usages; rules of residence and descent; marriage and family; economic systems of simple and complex societies- barter and ceremonial exchange, market economy, political institutions in simple and complex Societies, religion in simple and complex societies; magic; religion and science; Practices and Organizations Social Stratification; Caste, Class and estate.

COMMUNITIES: Village, town, city, region.

TYPES OF SOCIETY: Tribal Agrarian, Industrial, Post-Industrial, Constitutional Provisions Regarding scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.

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