(Syllabus) Karnataka PSC: Preliminary Examination : Zoology

Karnataka Public Service Commission

Syllabus For Civil Service Examination (Preliminary)

Subject: Zoology

  • Cell structure and functions; Structure of an animal Cell, nature and function of cell organells, mitosis and meosis, Chromosomes and genes. Laws of inheritance mutation.
  • General Survey and Classification of non-chordates (upto sub-classes) and chordates (upto orders) of following; Protozoa, porifera, Colenterate,  Platyhelminthes, Ascheminthes, Annelidia, Arthropoda, Mollusca, Echinodermate and Chordata.
  • Structure, Reproduction and Life history of the following types : Amoeba, Monocytis. Plasmodium, Paramaecium. Sycon, Hydra, Obelia, Fasciola. Teenia. Ascaris, Nereis, Phorotima, leech, prawn, scorpion, cockroach. avioalve, a snail, Balanaglosus, an ascidian. Amphioxux.
  • Comparative anatomy of vertebrates: Integument endoskeleton, Locomotory organs, digestive system, respiratory system, heart and circulatory system, urinogenital system and sense organs.
  • Physiology: Chemical composition of protoplasm, nature and function of enzymes, colloids and hydrogen-ion concentration bio-logical oxilation. Elementary physiology of digestion, excretion, respiration. blood, mechanism of circulation with special reference to man. nerve impulse, conduction and transmission across synoptic junction.
  • Embryology: Gametogenesis. fertilization, cleavage, gastrulation; Early development and meta-morphogenesis of frog. Ascidian and retrogressive metamorphosis. Neotery, development of foetal membrance in chick and mammals.
  • Evolution Origin of life. Principles and evidences of evolution, speciation, mutation and isolation.
  • Ecology: Biotic and abi tic factor, concept of ecosystem, food chain and energy flow; adaptation of aquatic and desert faund parasitism and symbiosis, Factors causing environmental pollution and its prevention. Endangered species chronobiology and cireadium rhythm.
  • Economic Zoology: Beneficial and harmful insects.

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