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Gist of The Hindu

  • Are we Living in a Slum Era 
  • Findings of World Toilet Summit
  • India & China are the top two Destinations for Global Remittances 
  • Indian Vaccine for Japanese Encephalitis 
  • Chinese Campaign against West’s Waste Disposal 
  • ABC of Nitaaat
  • Successful Malaria Vaccine Trial
  • Nobel for Peace
  • Outcomes of Warsaw climate meet 
  • Switzerland’s Banking Reform
  • Plan for World’s Largest Marine Sanctuary 
  • Alarming Outdoor Air Pollution 
  • Indo-Russia Relation
  • Dilma Rousseff Announced a Plan to Hosta Global Summit on Internet 
  • US Not in Mood to Reduce Emission 

Gist of The Hindu Yojana

  • Poverty Measure 
  • Growth & Employment in India Some Trends 
  • Rupee Depriciation Same Facts 
  • What is Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD)? 
  • Broad Gender Gap in Employment 

Gist of Kurukshetra

  • New Hope to FIght Hunger 
  • Water and Sanitation for Quality Life in Rural India 
  • Initiative for Rural Development in India
  • Committees of State Food Secretaries to be Set Up for Speedy Implementation of Food Security Act 
  • Cabinet decides to withdraw Ordinance and Bill relating to Representation of People’s Act 
  • National Policy on Universal Electronic Accessibility 
  • Amendment in UGC Act to Confer Degree Granting Powers on Autonomous Colleges 
  • India’s Foreign Trade: September, 2013 
  • National Rural Drinking Water Programme 
  • Kudankulam Unit-1 Synchronized to Grid 
  • Defence Agreement Between India and China 

Gist of Science Reporter

  • Earth & Moon, a Review
  • Meaning of Game Theory

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General Studies Pre. Cum Mains Study Materials

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