(The Gist of PIB) Gottiprolu

    (The Gist of PIB) Gottiprolu


  • Excavation by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) in Gottiprolu, Andhra Pradesh has unearthed a trade centre of early historic period.

Key highlights

  • The 1st phase of excavation by a team of Archaeological Survey of India at Gottiprolu near Naidupeta in Nellore (now renamed as Sri Potti SriRamulu) district, Andhra Pradesh has discovered the remains of a huge settlement surrounded by a massive brick enclosure.
  • The site of Gottiprolu lies on the right bank of a distributary of river Swarnamukhi, about 17 km east of Naidupet and 80 km from Tirupati and Nellore.
  • Among many other antiquities unearthed are one life size Vishnu sculpture and a wide variety of pottery of the early centuries of the current era.
  • Detailed topographical study and drone images have helped in identifying an early historic settlement surrounded by a fortification and the possibility of a moat encircling it.
  • These settlements could have been an important trade centre as indicated by the presence of imitated amphorae wares that were mostly used to transport liquid commodities.


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