(The Gist of PIB) Major Ports touse only indian built tug boats now onwards

(THE GIST OF PIB) Major Ports touse only Indian built tug boats now onwards


Major Ports to use only Indian built tug boats now onwards

  • The Ministry of Shipping has directed all major ports to procure or charter tug boats which are only made in India. This decision of the Government will be a big move towards realizing Make in India in shipbuilding.


  • A tug or more commonly a tugboat is a secondary boat which helps in mooring or berthing operation of a ship by either towing or pushing a vessel towards the port. A tug is a special class of boat without which mega-ships cannot get into a port.
  • It is proposed to set up a Standing Specifications Committee under Managing Director, Indian Ports Association and comprising representatives from Cochin Ship Yard Limited (CSL), Shipping Corporation of India (SCI), Indian Register of Shipping (IRS) and Director General of Shipping.
  • Standing Specifications Committee would shortlist around five variants/types of tugs and prepare a ‘Approved Standardized Tug Design and Specifications’ (ASTDS).
  • This ASTDS would outline specifications, general arrangements, basic calculations, basic structural drawings, key system drawings and other construction standards, etc.
  • These standards would be vetted by the Standing Specifications Committee and, thereafter, certified ‘in-principle’ by IRS and published by the Indian Ports Association on its website.


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