(The Gist of PIB) Quantum State Interferography

(THE GIST OF PIB)  Quantum State Interferography


Quantum State Interferography

  • Scientists from Raman Research Institute (RRI), an autonomous institute under the Department of Science and Technology, have found a new way of inferring the state of a system (both two-dimensional qubits as well as higher-dimensional “qubits”) from an interference pattern, which they term ‘Quantum State Interferography’.


  • A qubit is a 2-dimensional quantum system and requires usually 2 complex numbers to be determined towards state estimation. 
  • Scientists are experimenting with new ways to manipulate quantum states so that they can be harnessed for computing, communication, and metrology.
  • This method of characterisation called Quantum State Interferography, can help make such manipulations simpler so that several crucial operations in quantum technologies become less cumbersome.
  • The setup requires only two interferometers from which many interferograms can be obtained to reconstruct the state.
  • This provides a ‘black box’ approach to quantum state estimation -- between the incidence of the photon and extraction of state information, conditions within the set-up are not changed, thus providing a true single-shot estimation of the quantum state.


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