(The Gist of Science Reporter) Innovation Hub: Unleashing Creative Potential [JUNE-2019]

(The Gist of Science Reporter) Innovation Hub: Unleashing Creative Potential [JUNE-2019]

Innovation Hub: Unleashing Creative Potential

  • The future ability potential of any to country harness of its huge rests the young population. To foster innovation and creativity, problem-solving project-based learning will therefore play an important role.
  • Such initiatives help to link education to relevant real-life experiences which help bring joy into learning while at the same time opening doors for creativity.
  • Thus, science centres or institutions of iron-formal learning, where such activities can be undertaken, are recognised to play an important role in fostering creativity and inspiring innovation amongst the young minds. This will ultimately lead to developing a culture of innovation in the country.
  • The National Council of Science Museums, under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, has started a mission with a vision to foster the culture of innovations with the setting up of Innovation Hubs in 60 institutes across the country.
  • An Innovation Hub is a facility that provides an opportunity to nurture new ideas and develop an inquisitive perspective in the youths of today.
  • These hubs serve as springboards for innovations and thus help the society and economy face future challenges and meet rising aspirations of the growing population. Specifically, embedding such creative pedagogies in science education through Innovation Hubs will help to retain as well as enhance the potential of young minds, making them think beyond their textbooks.

The various initiatives under innovation hub include:

  • Discovery Hall: This area comprises interactive science exhibits meant for creating excitement about science through exploration and discovery of underlying principles.
  • The idea of this facility is to promote logical thinking and make scientific concepts easy to understand. It demonstrates the practical working of scientific principles and its implementation in various applications.
  • Resource Centre/Hall of Fame: This space is used to showcase innovative ideas/experiments/implements that have transformed our world or have made significant impact on the way we conduct our lives along with information about their inventors and innovators. Stories and inspirations behind such innovations are also mentioned through multimedia kiosks.
  • Besides, implements/samples of appropriate technology and traditional knowledge systems, art and craft and other areas of importance in public life in the respective regions are also exhibited.
  • Idea Lab: This lab has the necessary basic facilities to pursue creative and innovative hobbies/activities that involve model making, basic science experimentation, design & fabrication of useful gadgets of practical use. Teaching/learning kits for belter classroom interactions, testing of milk, water, food items, etc. are being carried out in this section.
  • Students are becoming aware of adulteration of food items through simple experiments for adulteration analysis that can be performed even at home without using sophisticated gadgets and chemicals.
  • Design Studio: This area offers a creative environment to design various products using 3D Solid Works software and print the innovative models using 3D printer.
  • Origami workshops are conducted to make beautiful designs and shapes from paper thus promoting hand artwork as well as reuse of paper to convert it into beautiful designs for display.
  • Robotics/Electronics Lab: Robotics lab provides students an opportunity to develop their own robots and program them to perform different tasks.
  • The modern age is going to be robot specific to carry out difficult tasks like ocean exploration, medical surgery and deep space exploration, It is important that young minds be aware about the need, significance and role of this emerging field of Science & Technology. Electronics and Mechanical labs offer facilities to carry out experiments as well as fabrication of innovative projects.
  • Tod Fod Jod (Break and Remake): In this section students learn to do things with their own hands, dismantle, reassemble and remake devices/gadgets.
  • They learn engineering behind the working of various electronic machines/gadgets. This section satisfies the inquisitiveness of students by gaining knowledge from experts available during assembling and dissembling of gadgets.
  • Idea box: The young mind is a storehouse of imaginative ideas. The Idea Box was set up to capture potential innovative ideas. Students can generate their own innovative ideas and contribute to create an idea bank.
  • The best ideas are chosen for experimentation, model making and project work. Suitable guidance, expert help and required material for the fabrication of the project is provided to give practical shape to the potential innovative ideas.


  • The Innovation Huh facility strives to provide an equal opportunity to all sections of the society for practical learning of science and inculcating technical skills in them.
  • It is trying to engage the youth in the process of Science, Technology & Innovations as well as promoting their critical thinking and practical problem-solving skills.
  • It is also looking not only to support the innovative ideas and convert their ideas to a useful product or fruitful outcome but also recognise, encourage and facilitate grassroot innovations in Science and Technology.

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