The Gist of Science Reporter: July 2016

The Gist of Science Reporter: July 2016

Wolf Prizes 2016

For the year 2016, the Wolf Prize in Physics has gone to Prof. Yoseph Imry of Weizmann Institute of Science, in Israel for his pioneering studies of physics of mesoscopic and random systems. Prof. Imry is considered as the founder of mesoscopic physics - the study of objects bigger than atoms but much smaller than the macroscopic objects, which can be visible to naked eye and can not only be handled by using classical mechanics but also can show quantum mechanical properties.

The Wolf Prize in Chemistry 2016 will be shared by two laureates Prof. Kyriacos C. Nicolaou of Department of Chemistry, Rice University, Houston (USA) and Prof. Stuart L. Schreiber of Chemistry and Chemical Biology department, Harvard University, Cambridge (USA) in equal parts. Prof. Nicolaou will be awarded for his pioneering contributions to the synthesis of complex organic molecules found in nature. He has advanced the field of chemical synthesis to the extremes of molecular complexity, linking structure and function and expanding our dominion over the interface of chemistry, biology and medicine. Prof. Schreiber will get the award for pioneering chemical insights in to the logic of signal transduction and gene regulation that led to important, new therapeutics and for advancing chemical biology and medicine through the discovery of small molecule probes.
Prof. Lewis Cantley of Weill Cornell Medical College (USA) and Prof. C. Ronald Kahn of Harvard Medical School (USA) will equally share the Wolf Prize in Medicine. Prof. Cantley will be honoured for the discovery of phosphoinositide-3 kinases and their roles in physiology and disease. He has found a direct link between metabolic regulation and the growth of cancer. Prof. Kahn will be awarded for discoveries in the insulin- signalling network in people with diabetes and/ or obesity.

The Wolf Prize in agriculture will be conferred upon Trudy Frances Charlene Mackay from the Department of Biological Sciences, North Carolina State University (USA). She will be honoured for his ground- breaking studies on the genetic architecture of complex traits and the discovery of fundamental principles of quantitative genetics with broad applications for agricultural improvement.

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