(The Gist of Science Reporter) A Common Consumer-friendly Charger

(The Gist of Science Reporter) A Common Consumer-friendly Charger


A Common Consumer-friendly Charger

Why common charger for all mobile phones and portable can’t we have a devices, including tablets, e-readers and digital cameras?

  • It will not only save the frustration of borrowing a friend’s charger only to find it does not fit into the phone but will also save a tremendous amount of electronic waste. Around the middle of January 2020, the European Parliament held a hearing on a measure to require smartphone makers to produce a common charger for all mobile and portable devices sold in the region. The members of the European Parliament at the hearing, held during the mid of January, lamented the failure to legislate a universal charger, raising environmental concerns and blaming industry for thwarting measures.
  • The European Commission is to publish a study soon to deliberate the next legislative steps. Indeed, a common charger for all phones will prove to be a boon and a much welcome step for users of mobile and portable devices.
  • It will not only be convenient for all consumers, saving money for them incurred in purchasing multiple chargers but will also save thousands of tonnes of electronic waste. A common charger will, therefore, be not only consumer-friendly but also “healthy” for the planet’s environment.



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