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(The Gist of Science Reporter) CSIR’s Mission to Combat COVID19


CSIR’s Mission to Combat COVID19

Coverall Suit to Combat COVID-19:

  • CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories (CSIR-NAL), Bengaluru, along with MAF Clothing Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru, has developed and certified polypropylene spun laminated multi-layered non-woven fabric based Coverall to ensure the safety of Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical staff and Health Care workers who are working round the clock to fight COVID-19.
  • The Coveralls have gone through stringent testing at SITRA, Coimbatore, and have been certified for use. CSIRNAL and MAF have plans to augment the production capacity to about 30,000 units per day within four weeks. The major advantage of these Coveralls is their highly competitive price. The import content is also negligible.

HCARD — Robotic Device for Frontline Healthcare Warriors:

  • CSIR-CMERI (Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute), Durgapur, has developed a “Hospital Care Assistive Robotic Device” to safeguard the healthcare workers by reducing their exposure to the infected patients directly. The device helps healthcare workers maintain physical distance from COVID-19 patients.
  • The robotic device possesses various features including navigation, drawer activation for providing medicines and food to patients, sample collection and audio-visual communication. It can be controlled and monitored by a nursing booth with a control station. The robot works with both automatic as well as manual modes of navigation.
  • Trial on Mycobacterium W (Mw):
  • CSIR has been granted approval by the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) to conduct trials on an approved immunomodulator, Sepsivac®, to test its efficacy against COVID-19. The drug contains heat-killed Mycobacterium W (Mw), to enhance innate immunity of the body to limit the spread of COVID-19 infection.
  • It will also help to fasten the recovery of infected patients. Sepsivac® drug is used to treat patients with gram-negative sepsis and is also effective for leprosy patients. There are similarities between the clinical characteristics of coronavirus patients and gram-negative sepsis because of which it may hold some promise.

CSIR Identifies top 25 Drugs for Repurposing:

  • To make drugs available for corona patients in India, CSIR is working on the repurposing of 25 drugs/drug candidates for COVID-19. Hyderabad based CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) has developed a convenient and cost-effective synthetic process for Favipiravir, an inhibitor of viral RNA polymerase and that has emerged as one of the most encouraging drugs.
  • The technology has been transferred to Cipla which will approach the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) for approval of Favipiravir to be launched in India as Ciplenza.

Herbal Decongestant Spray for Mask by CSIR-NBRI:

  • The most common problem of wearing a mask for a long time is suffocation.
  • Masks can cause congestion in the respiratory system. CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI), Lucknow, has developed a “Herbal Decongestant Spray” that removes the mucus or cough thus clearing the windpipe and congestion.
  • The spray has been formulated as per the guidelines of the Ministry of AYUSH. The Institute is planning to transfer the technology for commercial production.

CIMAP’s CIM-Paushak and Herbal Cough Syrup:

  • CSIR-Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP), Lucknow, has developed two herbal products, CIM-Paushak and Herbal Cough Syrup — that can boost immunity and help in easing the dry cough symptom linked with COVID-19.
  • The two effective, cheap and safe products have been formulated as per the guidelines from the Ministry of AYUSH. The products have been formulated using twelve valuable herbs including Puranva, Ashwagandha, Mulethi, Harad, Baheda and Sataver. 


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