The Gist of Science Reporter) New Mini Moon of Earth  [JUNE-2020]

(The Gist of Science Reporter) New Mini Moon of Earth


New Mini Moon of Earth

  • A new mini-moon was observed by Wierzchos and Teddy Pruyne at the NASA-funded Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona on the night of researchers Kacper February 15. It is about the size of a car roughly 6-11 feet in diameter. Researchers named it “2020 CD 3” – it is likely to be a carbonaceous type asteroid.
  • According to the astronomers, this finding is very important because the miniature moon is only the second asteroid known to orbit Earth after the 2006 RH120 which was also discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey. 2006 RH120 rotated the planet from September 2006 to June 2007.
  • It was suggested that 2020 CD3 entered the Earth’s orbit around three years ago. In support of this “The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory’s Minor Planet Center” announces that no link was found for the known artificial object and it is likely the captured asteroid in the Earth’s gravity.
  • The researchers found that it has a rambling loop around the Earth about every four months or so. But it is temporarily bound to the Earth and is not in a stable orbit. It is heading away from the Earth-moon system and will likely escape in April.
  • It will most likely return to orbiting the sun, although there’s a chance it could some day head straight to Earth, where it would burn up in the atmosphere in a dazzling meteor display.


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