(GIST OF YOJANA) Artificial Intelligence

(GIST OF YOJANA) Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence


  • Artificial Intelligence technologies are on a pathway to become the most powerful agents of transformation in human history. 
  • AI will reshape the global economic and technological landscape, as well as every aspect of our daily lives.


  • The scope of AI does what humans can do, but takes lesser time, and makes it more efficient at a lower cost.
  • It has a modern technique via which it assists patients in the healthcare system live longer, without a doctor for the most part. 
  • There are various applications that benefit patients manage a healthy routine, and keep in check their behavioural patterns. 
  • They help in detecting the early stages of diseases via monitoring various symptoms, and aiding emergency care.
  • Robotics is a branch that is now entering healthcare as robots are helping doctors in difficult and precision-required surgeries. 
  • They are supportive in rehabilitation centres as they guide individuals in their exercises and therapies. Recent growth can be observed in the research field due to AI, as implementing it in the right direction cuts costs and manpower in the field, along with saving time and lives. 
  • A few machine learning technologies have provided a knowledge base in building up algorithms that can act just like the human brain itself.


  • AI is a utility in the education sector in multiple ways. It allows the teacher and student to invest lesser time while giving out more potential in their learning process.
  • There are some applications that help prepare good combinations of question papers, with a student-centric approach, focusing on each student personally, hence also saving teacher’s time and extra effort.
  • AI is smart enough to generate a personalised content for each student, so that their learning gets quicker and easier. Skill mapping help students understand which areas they have to work harder in. 
  • Microlearning gives a better insight into a particular skill or area which needs brushing up. Furthermore, it is a 24x7 available and accessible platform, helping students get back to their studies with just a few clicks, any time of the day.

Airlines Industry

  • AI helps in managing the revenue as it lays out the analytics required to understand how a product is sold to the targeted audience, providing them with budget-friendly products within specified time. 
  • AI helps with the customer-centric approach, as individuals face delays or other issues during their journey, which can be handled by the predictive data and analysis stored in their applications.
  • It ensures a good flight experience and provides consistent technical support. Apart from this, various questions and decisions such as which route to take, estimated time duration, etc. also become easy with the help of AI and machine learning. 
  • Overall, there becomes a better possibility for good customer service due to the analyses provided by AI.



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