(GIST OF YOJANA) Features of Green Highways Policy 2015

(GIST OF YOJANA) Features of Green Highways Policy 2015


Features of Green Highways Policy 2015

  • The community involvement through Panchayats, NGOs and other Self-Help Groups (SUGs), in tree plantation and maintenance directly benefits local people by generating employment.
  • The region-specific plant species may be selected depending on local conditions like rainfall, climate, kind of soil etc. Possibly, transplantation of existing trees could even be given preference while widening the roads.
  • The policy aims at changing the entire process for the avenue plantation and landscape improvement. As per the new policy, the necessity of land for tree plantation should be included within the Land Acquisition Plans to enable the pre-planning of the plantation activities in systematic manner in pre-construction phase of National Highways.
  • In the new policy, the clear provisions are made for the responsibilities of the planting agency to make sure that the condition of the site is good enough for the successful establishment of grasses. The agency is additionally responsible to supervise all field operations like preparation of surface, sowing of seeds or saplings and quality of planting material used.
  • The monitoring agency will monitor progress of planting and its status on continuous basis. It shall perform on-site visit for field verification in respect of survival, growth and size of plantation and its maintenance.
  • The monitoring agency will conduct audit for performance of executing agencies for completed projects on an annual basis and award of fresh contracts to those agencies will be decided supported by their past performances.
  • The plantation and its maintenance could even be implemented through outsourcing bidding process following as per standard protocol of procurement of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) and its designated agencies for the stretch/ROW not notified as protected forest under Forest Conservation (Act) 1980.
  • The MoRTH/NHAI will appoint the authorised agency for empanelment of Plantation Agencies and such agencies will bid for planting work on the National Highways.
  • In new policy, a new insight to the approach of development is given. Such initiatives indicate that the approach of development is not exclusive of environment protection aspects. The developments are often sustainable when systematic and conscious decisions are taken.
  • The provision of 1% of the entire civil cost of the road projects has been provisioned for developing green corridors.



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