(GIST OF YOJANA) Sowa-Rigpa (Knowledge of Healing or Science of Healing)

(GIST OF YOJANA) Sowa-Rigpa (Knowledge of Healing or Science of Healing)


Sowa-Rigpa (Knowledge of Healing or Science of Healing)

  • The term Sowa-Rigpa is derived from Bhoti language which means Knowledge of Healing.  It is an ancient Indian medical system conceived and propounded by Lord Buddha in India and later was enriched in the entire Trans-Himalayan region. Sowa-Rigpa has been developed and incorporated into different environmental and cultural contexts through the centuries. (Sowa-Rigpa has moulded itself into the socio-cultural lineage since ages), where every village has had an Amchi family to look after public health. 
  • Today, Sowa-Rigpa is acknowledged as a traditional medical system by the governments of India, Bhutan, Mongolia and Tibet. The principle medical text “rGyud-bZi” (Chatush Tantra-a textbook of fundamental principles of Sowa-Rigpa in Sanskrit language) was pioneered by Lord Buddha and translated into Bhoti language around 8th-12th Century’ and amended by Yuthok Yontan Gombo and other scholars of Trans Himalayan region according to the socio-climatic conditions. 
  • The fundamental principles of Sowa-Rigpa is based on Jung-wa-nga (Panchmahabutha), Nespa-sum (Tridosha), Luszung-dun (Saptadhatu) etc. According to SowaRigpa health is an equation of balance of tridosha and five cosmophysical energies (Panchmahabhuta), balance within the body, balance with the environment, and with the Universe. 
  • Pulse examination and astrological evaluation/analysis of an individual are the unique diagnostic tools in SowaRigpa. The natural resources which are safe, effective and time-tested are used as the sources of medication.



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