(Tips) Interview Preperation for UPSC interviews ( esp for IT background)

Interview Preperation for UPSC interviews ( esp for IT background):

From IT field, there can be two types of company backgrounds - Product and Services field. The most of questions will depend on the candidate's company background. Nevertheless, we should expect a lot of general questions. Recently , as the rupee is firming up against the dollar , the profits for services company is under strain. And there have been change in the strategy from all the big companies. And one more thing in news these days is the subsidy time period extension for STPI (Software Technology Parks of India). Some of the questions that come to my mind are ?

  • General

    • Why Civils after you have such a high paying job ? ( Get ready with sixth pay commission recommendations )

    • What are super computers ? Where can they be effectively employed ? ( You can drive them to any field like. )

    • What is KPO - EPO ?

    • Employment issues - Who are getting benefitted. How you can make it more inclusive ?

    • How do you bridge the digital devide ? ( Think of a fresh answer - prepare for subsequent questions )

    • E-wastes .

  • Economics - Competition

    • What is the competitive edge for India in getting the Industry here ? (They are looking for a fresh answer - if you want to give one - get ready for consequant questions )

    • Why is H/W parks are not coming here ?

    • Rupee - Dollar dynamics ?

    • How are the software companies are trying to protect their bottom line ?

    • The threat of China , Ireland and other EU countries in Services field ? How can you ward off?

    • How can you make synergies with China in H/W field ?

    • Opinion about STPI - for & against - how can you present your case for Extension.

  • E-Governance Initiatives

    • How can you use IT to make India a better place ? - ( A lot of E governance techniques )

    • Remember each initiative you utter you should have idea about it . You should be able to explain a lay man how it is useful. - Try to make 2 minute synopsis on each one of them.

    • NeGP , MCA -21 , e-Choupal , MCX, Bengalore one etc.

These are some of the questions that come to my mind. I will try to keep updating it as and when any thing else come to my mind. Thanx. Hope this helps.

Courtesy :  sitharamarajuk.blogspot.com