(Tips) Tips to Select an IAS Coaching

Tips to Select an IAS Coaching

For an exam which lasts for over a year, qualifying for the civil services is tough. For one, the number of seats varies each year. Last year 881 seats were fought over; this year it's just 80. With over a lakh attempting the examination, the chances of emerging victorious at the end of the tunnel are pretty low. With three subjects -- General Studies and two optional subjects -- to prepare for, how should one navigate the plethora of pamphlets, advertisements and hoardings from scores of institutes offering help and guidance? Here are some tips to help you make a choice.

What's your subject?
Different institutes over the years have acquired proficiency in specific subjects. Find out which subject the institute at which you want to study specialises in. Ask around and examine the institution's past record.

The duration of the course
Stay away from institutes promising crash courses. You will be flooded with information, notes and lectures, with no time to absorb it all.

Quality of notes
The point of taking these classes and paying for their notes is to go beyond the general answers and information competitors would have. If the notes are not detailed, skip the institute.

Teaching conditions
Sarika Kumari, who enrolled for a Sociology course, recalls that the classes at her institute would be held in the afternoon and in a crowded basement. Although the institute was charging a hefty sum, there were no fans or air-conditioning. Not an atmosphere conducive to learning.

The most expensive may not be the best. Ask around for a cheaper institute which offers equally dense study matter.

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