(TIPS) Expert tips to crack UPSC exam by Rohan Samant, IPS

https://static.upscportal.com/images/csat-students.jpgThe task I have set for myself is to demystify the UPSC examination, for the consumption of the candidates aspiring towards making it to those corridors of power that the civil services promise. My purpose is to provide mere guidelines for preparation. I must caution the reader, that much of the effort and hard work will have to be put in by him/her. I can only shed some light on the path towards the ultimate goal.

The UPSC preliminary test General Studies paper is distinctly different from most standardised aptitude tests on account of its focus on general knowledge based questions. These questions require application of a strong knowledge base mixed with reasoning and analytical strategies. Mere cramming of information might not yield higher scores.

Solving objective-type questions requires both the knowledge of the correct option and the ability to elimination of the wrong options. Thus, it might be possible to arrive at the correct answer, in spite of not knowing it to be such.

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Courtesy: Rediff.com