(Tips) How to Crack Civil Services Mains Exam By P. Gopakumar (IRS)

Tips to crack Civil Services exam (Mains)

The Civil Services Main Examination 2011 is round the corner. It commences on October 29 and continues up to November 26, covering subjects like General Studies, Essay, English and Indian Language. Candidates have to choose two optionals from 55 different subjects.

This year about 880 vacancies have been announced across 24 services.

Owing to the change in the pattern of the preliminary examinations, aspirants were in for a surprise, while some of them were also confused. Although applicants prepared extensively, the UPSC set the paper in a surprising way, in both the General Studies papers. Particularly, it was observed that the coverage given to various areas in the syllabus followed an uneven pattern.

A lot of students must be wondering whether the Main Examinations will also follow suit.

Already there has been a perceptible change in the pattern of the questions appearing in the Mains -- whether it be General Studies, Essay or Optional Subjects -- based on an approach which favours study based on current trends and analysis. No matter, what the pattern is, or the subjects you choose, the questions will essentially test the candidate's social ethos and response.

Let us have a closerunderstanding of the approach that is required to excel in the Main Examination. Weshall start with the General papers, namely, General Studies (GS) and Essay. Scoring well in both these sections will determine your entry into the top civil services.

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Courtesy: rediff.com