(Tips) Secret of Success in Any Exam: Speed, Balance and Weight - 2012

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(Tips) Secret of Success in Any Exam : Speed, Balance and Weight.

Dear Aspirants,

The secret of success in any exam in life depend on three basic things:

  1. Speed
  2. Balance
  3. Weight.


When u go to any exam , u do your paper for example civil services, u do some part of paper well but u fail to understand the other part of paper, Next year u prepare well but this time something new went wrong, every time u face a new problem and u start find an answer and this process goes on and on. Some of u may succeed but majority will lose in this way.

The secret of success is inside you only,but u never searched for it ,u go to a coaching inst get a printed material ,buy some books ..the same process is done by some 2 lakh students in whole India, but how many get success.

If u apply the three basic things in your life ,every student will get success ...i.e .speed ,balance and weight. When you prepare for some examination ,you need to know

  1. How much speed you have to develop in order to excel from rest of the competitors (i.e. your own pace).

  2. Balance -You need to understand the sensitivity of balance in every examination, if you throw something in water it sinks but when thrown at a certain speed at a certain angle it floats, In the same way studying with right balance will keep you in the field for a long time otherwise others will take your place. Everybody asks simple questions like how many hours u need to study for civil services, How to .make a schedule etc ,I think by now u must have understand what i am talking about.

  3. Now comes the weight, every examination comes with some sort of dedicated efforts, some exam demands more efforts, some less, you have to really understand how much you have to put effort and that is also in the right direction, even if u put the most dedicated efforts without knowing the right scientific approach ,your efforts will never give results, Right efforts with right approach with scientific approach will sure to give positive results. Remember if you have to walk in a rope between two poles ,then you need to carry a pole of wood to balance yourself and walk with a certain speed to cross the rope.In the same way you have to train your mind and prepare yourself for the best .All the very best for all ur future endeavors.

Thanks & Regards

Courtesy:  Ujjwal Kumar Das

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