Model Questions for UPSC PRE CSAT PAPER SET - 44

Model Questions for UPSC PRE CSAT PAPER SET - 44

1. While sitting in examination hall, you noticed that your best friend had expired. You…

(a) Will leave the exam and become much tensed.
(b) Will complete the exam and then rush to your friend’s house.
(c) Will start informing others about it
(d) Will inform the police first before completing the papers.

2. You received an urgent message from your superior. But you feel that the massage is wrong you…

(a) Will show the massage to your best friend and then after seeing his reaction will decide to follow it or not
(b) Will obey first
(c) Ask the superior for classification
(d) Will not do anything and wait for the response of superior.

3. Some terrorists kidnapped a girl. You, while passing through that area, were approached by a person to help to rescue the girl you…

(a) Will not listen to the person as it may endanger your own life
(b) Will inform the police by calling on helpline number.
(c) Will involve yourself to make the Terrorist surrender.
(d) Ask help of some more people and then involve yourself.

4. A passenger in the train is beaten by a group of miscreants. You known that there is no fault of the passenger. You…

(a) Will keep quiet as it is not your business.
(b) Will inform the RPF staff
(c) Will involve yourself and then try to normalize the situation by persuading them.
(d) Will avoid it by engaging yourself in some other works like reading, newspapers etc.

5. A river has a tree at its bank. The angle of elevation from the top of this tree to another bank is 60° and the angle of elevation from the top of tree to a point 20 metres ahead of the bank is 30°. Find out the breadth of river.

(a) 10 metres
(b) 10Ö3 metres
(c) 20 metres
(d) None of these

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6. If PT is a tangent on point R of the circle and ÐSPR = 40°, find out ÐQRP = ?

(a) 50°
(b) 45°
(c) 25°
(d) None of these

7. The area of a square ground is 576 square km. How much time will a horse take in taking a complete round of the ground with the speed of 12 km/hr?

(a) 12 hours
(b) 10 hours
(c) 8 hours
(d) None of these

8. If the radius of a circle is doubled, what will be the ratio between perimeter and diameter of the new circle?

(a) n + 2
(b) p/2
(c) it
(d) None of these

9. The shadow of a pole falls at a distance of 6 feet. If the height of pole is 6Ö3- feet, what will be the angle of elevation of the sun?

(a) 45°
(b) 60°
(c) 30°
(d) None of these

10. Which of the following statements is not correct?

(a) The equal length chords of a circle will be at equal distance from the centre.
(b) Diameter is the longest chord of the circle.
(c) A circle has one and only one diameter.
(d) None of these