(Video) What is ailing IAS? - Interview with former IAS Officer N.C. Saxena

(Video) What is ailing IAS?

Karan Thapar is in conversation with former IAS Officer N.C. Saxena on his new book, 'What Ails The IAS and Why It Fails To Deliver'. Karan Thapar and N.C. Saxena talk about the conditions of the Service, the reason why corruption seeps in administrations, certain anecdotes of Saxena's tenure in the Service and more.

About Book:
Despite their high integrity, hard work and competence, IAS officials do not exercise sufficient control over the field staff who collude with the junior staff in reporting false figures on hunger deaths, malnutrition and usage of toilets, leading to erosion of accountability. Not only do many welfare programmes such as NREGA, ICDS and PDS have design flaws, governance in India at the state and district levels is also quite weak, manifesting itself in poor service delivery, uncaring administration, corruption, and uncoordinated and wasteful public expenditure.

Analysing the present Indian situation, the book suggests policy changes in all cross-cutting systemic issues such as the role of politicians, tenure, size and nature of Indian bureaucracy, accountability, monitoring of programmes and civil service reforms, which will transform individual competencies of IAS officers into better collective outcomes.


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