(Magazine) Yojana Magazine: Issue February 2015


Yojana Magazine: Issue February 2015

Let us end with a story. Around 5th century BC, the republican states of Lichchavi and Sakya had an institutional system called Santhagara which was used to debate issues of vital importance to the republic, including disputes between various constituents of the republic. Buddha was initiated into the Sakya Santhagara at the age of 20. When he was 28, there was a dispute over sharing of water of Rohini River between the Sakyas and Koliyas. The Sakya military commander was in favour of war on Koliyas which Siddhartha opposed. But the peace proposal of Siddhartha was defeated miserably during voting. Siddhartha had to face exile. Buddha may have been defeated and exiled but the idea of the republic and settling of disputes without the use of force has survived.

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