(Magazine) Yojana Magazine: Issue November 2013

Yojana Magazine: Issue November 2013

Jal, Jungle, Zameen...and Airwaves:

It is a story from the Mahabharata. After spending 13 years in exile, the Pandavas wanted their kingdom back. They sent Krishna as their emissary to Hastinapur to seek their land peacefully. However, Duryodhana was adamant. When Krishna pleaded that Pandavas be given just five villages to survive on, Duryodhana retorted, 'Soochyagram Naiv Dasyami, Bina Yudhdhen Keshav- I won't part with land even worth the tip of a needle without war.' That killed all hopes of peace and we had Mahabharata which entailed great destruction and devastation. In fact, all the wars in history have their origins in the desire for the control of land and natural resources. It is said that the next world war, if it is to be ever fought, would be on the issue of water. Similarly, oil is a crucial factor today in the geo-strategic politics played over the world arena. Indeed, we can hear the rumblings of the same in the various movements against the construction of a dam, mining of aluminium, coal and other mineral resources, control and management over the forest produce, land acquisition for industry or other public purposes and so on. Obviously, the issue related to land and natural resources is vast, multi-dimensional and complex. It requires deep engagement both at the intellectual as well as at the level of policy and governance.

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