(Paper) Bank Probationary Officers Exam 2008 Model Paper

Paper : Bank Probationary Officers Exam 2008 Model Paper
UBI, SBI, Indian Bank, Andhra BankDena Bank, Allahabad Bank, PNB

Directions—(Q. 41–45) In each of the following questions, three words are given. Under them four alternatives are provided, one of which expresses most effectively the general characteristic if these three words. That alternative is your answer.


41. Aeroplane, Train, Truck

(A) Speed

(B) Rooms

(C) Wheels

(D) Transport

Ans : (D)


42. Wolf, Leopard, Deer

(A) Meat eater

(B) Jungles

(C) Mammals

(D) Cruel

Ans : (C)


43. Sword, Gun, Pistol

(A) Arms

(B) Constable

(C) Bullet

(D) War

Ans : (A)


44. Fraud, Jealously, Hatred

(A) Destruction

(B) Envy

(C) Human Characteristics

(D) Quality

Ans : (C)


45. Novel, Epic, Drama

(A) Subject

(B) Literature

(C) Poetry

(D) Knowledge

Ans : (B)


Directions—(Q. 46–50) In each of the following questions, three words are given. They are followed by four words, one of which stands for the class to which these three words belong. Identify that word.


46. Wheat, Barley, Rice

(A) Food

(B) Gram

(C) Cereal

(D) Agriculture

Ans : (C)


47. Coal, Iron, Mica

(A) Rock

(B) Minerals

(C) Gold

(D) Earth

Ans : (B)


48. Honesty, Credibility, Reliability

(A) Quality

(B) Dependability

(C) Charter

(D) Nicety

Ans : (A)


49. Cap, Coat, Trousers

(A) Smart

(B) Shirt

(C) Dress

(D) Tailor

Ans : (C)


50. Stool, Table, Chair

(A) Bench

(B) Furniture

(C) Carpet

(D) Office

Ans : (B)



Directions—(Q. 51–60) For each of the following questions, there are two words and five alternative answers. In each of the alternative answers there are two words. Then find out the alternative whose two words have the same relation as in the two words given in question.


51. Resignation : Office ::

(A) Competition : Game

(B) Illness : Hospital

(C) Abdication : Throne

(D) Moisture : Rain

(E) Appointment : Interview

Ans : (C)


52. Bunch : Key ::

(A) Hound : Pack

(B) Team : Competition

(C) Beehive : Bee

(D) Examination : Subject

(E) Bouquet : Flower

Ans : (E)


53. Profit : Loss ::

(A) Success : Failure

(B) Rupee : Paisa

(C) Whole : Part

(D) Multiplication : Addition

(E) Adult : Child

Ans : (A)


54. Sapling : Tree ::

(A) Horse : Mare

(B) Student: Teacher

(C) Bud : Flower

(D) Tree : Furniture

(E) River : Brook

Ans : (C)


55. Supervisor : Worker ::

(A) Junior : Senior

(B) Superior : Inferior

(C) Elder : Younger

(D) Debtor : Creditor

(E) Officer : Clerk

Ans : (E)


56. Malaria : Mosquito ::

(A) Poison : Death

(B) Rat : Plague

(C) Epidemic : Bacteria

(D) Cholera : Water

(E) Medicine : Disease

Ans : (D)


57. Paisa : Rupee ::

(A) Kilogram : Quintal

(B) Metre : Centimetre

(C) Coin : Money

(D) Weight : Ton

(E) Rupee : Wealth

Ans : (A)


58. Poet : Verse ::

(A) Prose : Novelist

(B) Author : Book

(C) Novel : Prose

(D) Publication : Editor

(E) Summary : Paraphrase

Ans : (B)


59. Water : Thirst ::

(A) Food : Hunger

(B) Sun : Energy

(C) Appetite : Meal

(D) Ice-cream : Cold

(E) Poison : Death

Ans : (A)


60. Pulp : Paper ::

(A) Wood : Table

(B) Cloth : Shirt

(C) Yarn : Fabric

(D) Iron : Steel

(E) Wood : Sawdust

Ans : (C)


Directions—(Q. 61–70) For each of the following questions, there are two words and eight alternative answers. Then find out two such alternatives the relation in which is the same as in the two words given in the beginning.


61. Trees and Forest

(A) Ocean (B) Page

(C) Books (D) Study

(E) Library (F) Ship

(G) Boys (H) Classes

Ans : (C, E)


62. Constable and Police

(A) Clerk (B) Hospital

(C) Medicine (D) Mother

(E) Girl (F) Doctor

(G) File (H) House

Ans : (B, F)


63. Brother-in-law and Sister

(A) I (B) Youth

(C) Female-companion (D) Wife

(E) My (F) Beautiful Woman

(G) Damsel (H) Sister-in-law

Ans : (B, G)


64. Cold and Hot

(A) January (B) Monday

(C) Year (D) June

(E) March (F) Thursday

(G) Month (H) August

Ans : (A, D)


65. High and Low

(A) Far (B) Rent

(C) Next (D) Near

(E) Distance (F) Fair

(G) Last (H) Clean

Ans : (A, D)


66. Unsuccess and Laziness

(A) Study (B) Success

(C) Day (D) School

(E) Labour (F) Lazy

(G) Game (H) Honesty

Ans : (E, B)


67. Car and Garage

(A) Horse (B) Grass

(C) Bird (D) Water

(E) Man (F) Stable

(G) Animal (H) Hive

Ans : (A, F)


68. Hand and Fingers

(A) Foot (B) Eyes

(C) Hat (D) Teeth

(E) Head (F) Stomach

(G) Nose (H) Hair

Ans : (E, H)


69. Oxygen and Man

(A) Petrol (B) Stool

(C) Carpenter (D) Sky

(E) Driver (F) Wood

(G) Water (H) Fish

Ans : (G, H)


70. Neat and Clean

(A) Dirty (B) Tidy

(C) Route (D) White

(E) Wise (F) Ravi

(G) Foul (H) Beauty

Ans : (A, G)


Directions—(Q.71–75) In each of the following two columns, the groups of three words are given. Compare two columns and find the pairs given below each question, which satisfy the same relationship between the two groups of that pair.


Column I

(A) Cereal, Wheat, Tomato

(B) Seeds, Apple, Fruit

(C) Mother, Sister, Female

(D) Teacher, Writer, Speaker

(E) Stool, Furniture, Table

Column II

(P) Apple, Banana, Fruit

(Q) Wheat, Barley, Cereals

(R) Doctor, Painter, Father

(S) Cow, Mammal, Animal

(I) Soldier, Army, Civilian


71. (A) BP

(B) AQ

(C) CR

(D) EP

Ans : (D)


72. (A) BR

(B) AT

(C) CS

(D) DP

Ans : (C)


73. (A) DR

(B) BR

(C) ET

(D) CS

Ans : (A)


74. (A) BS

(B) AT

(C) AQ

(D) DQ

Ans : (B)


75. (A) CR

(B) EQ

(C) BQ

(D) DS

Ans : (B)

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