(BOOKS) Public Administration Prelims and Mains Books

Public Administration Prelims and Mains Books


 Indian Administration - Ramesh K. Arora & Rajni Goyal.
 Indian Administration - S.R. Maheswari.
 Administrative Theory - Avasti & Avasti
 Public Administration - Avasti & Maheswari.
 Administrative Thinkers - R. Prasad and Prasad.
 Administrative Thinkers - S.R. Maheswari.
 Public Administration - Sadan and Sharma
 Local Government - S.R. Maheswari.
 New Horizons of Public Administration - Mohit Bhattacharya.
 Public Administration Theory and concepts - Rumki Basu
 Public Administration (Manual) (TATA MC Graw Hill) - Laxmikanth.
 Indian Constitution - D.D. Basup (or) Pandey.
 Public Administration and Public Affairs - Nicholas Henry.
 Modern Public Administration - Nigro and Nigro.


Sir ,I am confusing in selecting the optional subjects.I have interest in public administration.second optional as geography.Please suggest me the names of prefered books .

as time is @ premium wt wd be d best few books 4 gs and public ad??